Térmonn, Inc.

Termonn membership is open to any current resident of the United States whom the Order recognizes as actively practicing the tradition in their daily lives (that is, they are Caim members). If you are in your "Guest" year, you may also become a Termonn member.

  • Be a supporter, protector and preserver of the Céile Dé Order and the spiritual tradition.
  • Be informed of Céile Dé events worldwide.
  • Receive priority consideration for scholarship funds for attending workshops/retreats.
  • Get support & guidance for establishing a recognized group in your area.
  • Elect your Chapter Committee by voting at the annual membership meeting of your Chapter, usually at your Chapter's annual teaching retreat. Your Chapter Committee will elect a portion of the Térmonn Board.

Térmonn Members Aim to...

  • Attend the retreats and workshops of the Céile Dé Tradition nearest their homes when offered.
  • Study and reflect on the teachings, prayers and sacred chants of the tradition.
  • Practice Rùn, the tradition’s main contemplative practice.
  • Observe the Tradition’s sacred festivals, either solo, or with the nearest recognized Céile Dé group
  • Integrate and embody the tradition’s teachings in their daily lives.
  • Offer a financial pledge.

The Commitment of Membership

Térmonn membership is a commitment to give back to the Céile Dé tradition in return for the wealth received for your personal soul-growth.  Traditionally, it was customary to offer a pledge to symbolize one’s deep and growing heart-commitment to the Tradition.  In ancient times, the surrounding communities practiced this heart-commitment by giving back gifts from the land to the monastery.  Today, this energy exchange is made by making a regular financial pledge. Application for membership is made online by clicking here or by completing the 2016 Membership and Pledge Form and mailing it along with a $20 annual membership fee to:

Térmonn, Inc.
P.O. Box 263
Westminster, VT 05158

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