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Scholarships from the Termonn Trust

One aim of the Termonn Trust is to offer financial assistance to those who are interested in the tradition of the Céile Dé and who are in need of financial aid to attend a workshop or retreat.

Generous donations of Termonn Members and Friends have enabled the Trust to provide scholarships. In order to award scholarships fairly and objectively, Termonn established the following policies in the Guidelines of the Termonn Trust, as updated 12 September 2012.

Who may apply for a scholarship?

Anyone may apply for a scholarship (except Trustees of the Termonn Trust). Preference is given to members of Caim.

What do you need to do to apply for a scholarship?

  1. Register for the program you plan to attend by the deadline. 

  2. Pay any deposit requested with the registration form and indicate on the form that you are applying for a scholarship. 

  3. Indicate if you are a Caim member in your application letter or email.

  4. Include a description of the reason for your need. This is essential. The description need not be elaborate, but it must clearly state the amount of the scholarship you request, and must provide enough detail to explain your need. All such letters are completely confidential! 

When are scholarship applications due? 

Termonn must receive your registration, deposit and letter or email application two months in advance of the date of the program or by the registration deadline, whichever is earlier. Applications received after this time will not be considered. 


When will I hear if I have received a scholarship? 

When Termonn receives your application and registration, you will get a confirmation of your request. Your completed registration with deposit will hold your place in the retreat. In most cases, the Trustees will notify you of their decision by email within a month of receiving your application. 


Please note: There are a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarship amounts are at the discretion of the Trustees. The amount of funds awarded will depend on your expressed need and on the funds available.


You may mail or email your letter of application.


Tony Mounts, Treasurer
4830 NE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

click here to email 


Donations in support of the Termonn Trust 
are always welcome.

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