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Chapter Membership

Chapter membership is open to any Caim member (a group member actively practicing the tradition) who lives in a Chapter's region. If you are in your "Guest" year, you may also become a member. Currently we have three chapters: California, East Coast, and Northwest (Oregon and Washington).

  • Be a supporter, protector and preserver of the Céile Dé Order and the spiritual tradition.

  • Be informed of Céile Dé events worldwide.

  • Receive priority consideration for scholarship funds for attending workshops/retreats.

  • Elect your Chapter Committee by voting at the annual membership meeting of your Chapter.

Térmonn Chapter Members Aim to...

  • Attend the retreats and workshops of the Céile Dé Tradition nearest their homes when offered.

  • Study and reflect on the teachings, prayers and sacred chants of the tradition.

  • Practice Rùn, the tradition’s main contemplative practice.

  • Observe the Tradition’s sacred festivals, either solo, or with the nearest recognized Céile Dé group

  • Integrate and embody the tradition’s teachings in their daily lives.

  • Offer an annual membership fee of $20, and a financial pledge or service to the tradition through their Termonn Chapter.


The Commitment of Membership

Membership in your Térmonn chapter is a commitment to give back to the Céile Dé tradition in return for the wealth received for your personal soul-growth.  Traditionally, it was customary to offer a pledge to symbolize one’s deep and growing heart-commitment to the Tradition.  In ancient times, the surrounding communities practiced this heart-commitment by giving back gifts from the land to the monastery.  Today, this energy exchange is made with our annual membership fee to our Chapter of $20, and a regular financial pledge and/or service to the tradition through their Termonn Chapter. 

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