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Donate today to The Order, Termonn Trust, or Termonn, Inc.

(NOTE: Our fiscal year is from November 1 through October 31)



Sr. Fionn needs a minimum of $208 per month or $2,500 per year from US Caim member donations to provide websites (such as the huge and growing resource that is Eòlaire), other online services for the community, and to maintain an office for the Ceile De community. Help us reach our goal this year:



Termonn Trust is operated by Termonn, Inc. for the purposes of offering scholarships for individuals attending retreats and grants for groups undertaking projects, such as Chapter Committees wanting to reduce the registration cost for individuals attending teaching retreats. The Trust also supports training for teachers. Our current annual goal is $4,500. Your generous donation will support our US Caim!



For Termonn general operations (including this website, the community Zoom video conferencing account, and other activities in support of the growth of the tradition in the United States and around the world) Termonn needs $1,900 per year to maintain its services. Help us reach our goal this year:

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