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Termonn Board

The Board manages the business and affairs of Termonn, Inc. The Board works to support, protect and preserve the Ceile De tradition and its Caim.

The Board may appoint committees for any purpose, and shall give each such committee a charge specifying its scope. It may appoint an executive committee that may exercise any of the authority of the Board that the Board may specify.

The Board shall elect Trustees of the Termonn Trust (see Guidelines for the Termonn Trust, Article III, Section 2).

The Board may establish, change or dissolve Chapters as appropriate to accommodate changes in the number of U.S. residents actively practicing the tradition, and their geographic distribution.

The Board consists of nine Directors. As of November 1, 2020, three members will be appointed from each Chapter (the East Coast, Northwest, and California, which became a full Chapter by vote of the Board on June 5, 2020), plus the Head of the Order ex officio. Directors must be Members in good standing of Termonn. 

Preferably immediately following each Chapter's annual membership meeting (usually at their annual teaching retreat, but before October 31st each year), the Chapter Committees meet and elect their three Directors from among their members.

Termonn Board Members 2023-24


Murray Mayo, Chair (EC)
cqui Marston, Vice-Chair (CA)
Patricia Rohan, Secretary (NW)

Stacey Holybee, Treasurer (NW)
Janice Freeman Bell (CA)
Beau Bowler (EC)
Carey Ann Strelecki (CA)

Mary Ann Brundage (EC)
Sr. Fionntulach, ex officio

CA = California Chapter

EC = East Coast Chapter

NW = Northwest Chapter

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