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Termonn Trust

The Trust materially supports the purposes of Termonn, Inc., as delineated in its bylaws.

More specifically, the Trust’s purposes are to:

  • make the Celtic spiritual tradition held and taught by the Céile Dé Order as accessible as possible to interested people and to support them in integrating into their daily lives the spiritual practices of the tradition, and

  • materially support the work of the Order.


The Trust may carry out its purposes by all appropriate means. These may include awarding grants for the support of projects and scholarships for the support of individuals.

Grants are awarded for any of the purposes of Termonn, Inc., as defined in its Bylaws. Grants may be awarded to subsidize: a) Céile Dé workshops or retreats, led by authorized teachers of the Order; b) the cost of publications whether in print, audio, video, electronic or web-based or other media, and c) any other project that assists the growth and integrity of the life and work of the Order.

Scholarships: Anyone interested, except a Trustee, may apply for a scholarship to defray the cost of attending a Céile Dé workshop or retreat led by an authorized teacher of the Order. Trustees may in their discretion award full or partial scholarships. No scholarships are available to cover travel expenses.

Grants and Scholarships are awarded in the following order of priority: a) Order members; b) Muinntir members, and c) Caim members.

The Trust shall at all times have no fewer than three, and no more than five, Trustees, not including the Purser of the Order who is an ex officio Trustee.

The Trustees shall consist of the Secretary and Treasurer and up to three additional members of the Termonn Board as decided or elected by majority vote at the first meeting of the Termonn Board after the annual meeting of Termonn. Trustees shall be members of Termonn in good standing. The Secretary and Treasurer of Termonn shall serve as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, of the Trust. The Trustees shall elect a Chair.

Termonn Trustees 2022-23


Dennis (Tony) Mounts (NW), Treasurer/Chair

Stacey Holybee (NW), Secretary
Jon Guerringue (EC)
Jacqui Marston (CA)

Sr. Fionn, ex officio

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